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The Swedish province "Dalarna"midsommar
The word "Dalarna" means "the dales" (valleys). The area is a popular vacation
destination for Swedes from the south, who often travel there to relax during summer vacations, drawn by good fishing lakes, beautiful campgrounds, and deep forests. Many such Swedes own or rent a second residence in Dalarna, where they are likely to have a vegetable garden and apple trees.
In mid-June, summerfest celebrations and dances are held in many of the small villages and, of course, in the larger cities.
Dalarna is a region full of historical associations, possessing strong local characteristics in respect of its products, and especially of its people. In the western districts of Älvdalen and Lima some people in villages speak a traditional dialect, the Dalecarlian language. Historically, the people of Dalecarlia – called Dalecarlians, or Dalesmen (dalkarlar="dale churls", masar) and Daleswomen (kullor) – are famous for their love of independence.[Wikipedia:]
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