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The Village Orsa
The village of Orsa is located on the north-eastern shore of the 53 km² large Lake Orsa (Orsasjön). Through a southern water passage it is connected with one of Sweden's largest lakes: Siljan.
By the shores of Orsasjön the Orsa Camping was inaugurated in 1932. With a kilometer long sandy beach, it has received several awards for its quality and beauty, and is by some referred to as the Dalarna Riviera.
Nature sights include the Grönklitt mountain, that houses a skiing hill.
Activities all year
Long walks, beautiful nature, looking for tracks from the meteroit.
Visit museums, like Zorn or Orsa Grindstones
Lots of small flea markets
Follow a researcher into the world of wildlife bears!

Listen to music! Find current performans at visitdalarna.se
Fishing in the river or in the lakes
Kids (and adults) might like to visit Tomteland or paint a dala horse
Visit Storstupet and Helvetesfallet

Celibrate midsummer for a week in the small villages
Orsa Yran The street music festival "Orsa Yran" five wednesdays in July
More music: don't miss Dalhalla, Vattnäs konsertlada or Music by lake Siljan
A long beautiful beach by the lake...
Bycycling, canoeing, swimming, golfing
Look at all old cars that drives around here, in Rättvik  the Classic Car Week (in Swedish)
Skiing; downhill, cross country or back country
Skating on Orsa lake and Siljan
The Vasaloppet - one of the longest ski competitions
Lots of Chrismas markets